Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Pictures

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Lung Cancer & SmokingMesothelioma lung cancer pictures are used to display how the body's internal organs actually look when attacked by cancer and also in awareness campaigns, for a shocking image and to let people know that cancer is a real and deadly disease that could very well affect any of us.

Lung CancerAlong side pictures, a video mesothelioma lung cancer proves a useful tool when needing to help people become aware of this problem. For example, a smoker will be shocked to see in a video how his lungs should look after smoking cigarettes for several years, and might determine him to quit this dangerous habit.

Mesothelioma lung cancer pictures

Following is a list of how different organs and cancer types look like and healthy cells and tissue should look:

Lung Cancer Cells
  • viewed under a microscope, small cell and non-small cell lung cancer pictures present a shocking difference between cancerous cells and healthy cells. Cancerous cells appear purple, similar to a bruise, in contrast with healthy cells that should be pinkish red in appearance
  • in a cat scan or x-ray scan, the areas attacked by the above types of cancer show as smudges on the lungs
  • if you take a picture of the lungs when affected by lung cancer, they will have block areas all over them, and some of them develop scar tissue, where the body's immune system tried to heal the damaged lung, and present purple blue tumors
  • white asbestos (also known as chrysolite) pictures display fibrous matter, white in color, similar to a spiders web
  • blue asbestos (also known as crocidolite) pictures present similar patterns and appearance to the white asbestos ones, but with a blueish hue

Non Small Cell Lung CancerDoctors take pictures before, during and after mesothelioma treatment, in order to establish the size of tumors and how far cancer and malignant tissue has spread. They use thoracoscopy or thoracotomy to insert a plastic tube in the chest of the patient (a very thin tube, a quarter of an inch in diameter) through which they insert a rod with a tiny camera attached to the end. It is a procedure used to diagnose mesothelioma and to see how it progresses during treatment.

Specialists use pictures of the cancer developing in all its' stages providing with a benchmark for doctors, enabling them to easier recognize the stage the cancer has reached.

Metastatic Lung Cancer
Metastatic Lung Cancer

Vulvar Lung Cancer
Vulvar Lung Cancer

Are you interested in seeing pictures of mesothelioma cancer in order to better understand the dangers? Contact asbestosis and mesothelioma centers, it is completely free.