Mesothelioma Memorial Scholarship

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Most of you probably heard of some sort of memorial scholarships before, awarded in honor of some people to students that have proven worthy. This is also the case with the mesothelioma memorial scholarship.

Mesothelioma memorial scholarship application

You can apply for the mesothelioma memorial scholarship online. The groups of students that are eligible for this scholarship are the following:

  • College students (even international ones for the international version of the scholarship)
  • Most traditional college students are presented this opportunity by their professors each year
  • Students that have not received funds from other scholarship programs

The application will be filled online, eliminating the need of using conventional mail. The mesothelioma memorial scholarship is awarded four times each year, ones every three months.

Mesothelioma memorial scholarship amounts

The mesothelioma memorial scholarship awards the sum of 500 US dollars to worthy students in honor of mesothelioma patients that have died due to exposure to asbestos and people that are diagnosed with the cancer each year.

The organization awarding the scholarship is aware of the fact that the amount is not the largest, but in the near future they plan on doubling the um they award to the most worthy of any college students.

As part of the college scholarships, the mesothelioma memorial scholarship has been established in 2003 and in 2007 has extended its’ reaches by enabling international students to benefit from the scholarship. The official website of the mesothelioma scholarship is available and contains all details regarding the way the scholarship can be awarded.

If you are a student of any type of college, you are eligible to receive this amount. Ask your teachers and counselors to help you apply for this scholarship, but, as metioned, above, you can only apply if you are not receiving funds from another similar scholarship. There were some rumors on the internet that only medical students are allowed to apply for the mesothelioma memorial scholarship. Those rumors have proved to be wrong, after studying the list of students that were chosen until that moment. Only one of them was a medical student. We can assure you that every kind of student can apply for the scholarship.

Would you like to know more about the mesothelioma memorial scholarship? Are you a student and thinking of applying for the scholarship? Contact asbestosis and mesothelioma centers and we will help fill in all the details you require, absolutely free.