II Stage of Mesothelioma

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The second stage of mesothelioma is the stage that people start to notice the symptoms, because they become obvious. Although mesothelioma symptoms may not be clear yet, doctors and specialists advise individuals that experience the following symptoms to consult with a doctor:

  • dry cough
  • chest pain (due to the build-up of fluid that pushes against the chest wall)
  • shortness of breath, without having had any physical exercise
  • usually, symptoms are breath related issues, because the cancer is spreading in the thoracic cavity

Do not ignore these mesothelioma cancer symptoms, discovering the cancer in this stage is already a bit late, but it is still able to be treated properly, so, please, visit a doctor, and explain the exact symptoms you are experiencing.

The Butchart System

The Butchart system is one of the oldest and most reliable staging systems for mesothelioma. It is able to accurately stage mesothelioma because it uses the measurement of the tumors size and proximity to determine exactly how far the cancer has spread.

II Stage of mesothelioma

The following is a list of changes that take place during the II stage of mesothelioma:

  • both layers of the pleura are already affected by mesothelioma
  • still only one side of the body is affected though
  • the small amount of lubricating fluid normally produced by the pleura (in order to allow for easy contracting) is now absorbed by the lymph vessels and blood, the excess being removed. Second stage of mesothelioma will not allow that to take place, and the fluid build-up will start pushing on the chest wall lining, causing pain in that area
  • the primary tumor is starting to grow rapidly
  • the diaphragm is more and more affected, so the shortness of breath for the patient will be stronger
  • still, only one part of the lung is affected
  • lung capacity drops to about 60 percent of the normal capacity

Mesothelioma will be obvious if the correct exams and tests are performed. Diagnosis and treatment must follow as soon as possible, and during treatment the patient may want to receive symptomatic relieve drugs. Mesothelioma surgery should be the first treatment method used removing large portions of the affected tissue, and it could be possible that the primary tumor (the first tumor that appeared, also the largest) is also removed, or at least most of it.

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