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Mesothelioma cancer is one the most difficult diseases to treat because it reacts only to certain chemical compounds and it develops differently in each patient. This means that doctors didn’t yet discover the cure for it, but their researches and studies are on the right path.

Present treatment methods are further developed and will eventually lead to the cure, but until then mesothelioma doctors are trying to prolong the life of asbestos exposed patients as much as possible. They also try to hold campaigns against asbestos exposure, together with lawyers and attorneys, to explain the ways you can keep yourself away from inhaling or swallowing asbestos fibers and give mesothelioma treatment guidelines for those who need it .

Asbestos deaths statistics

Here are some numbers of asbestos deaths statistics that might interest patients or their close family and friends:

  • Asbestos by states – since 1979 California has been the state where the most asbestos infections occur, an estimate of 40000 to 60000 of deceased were registered, due to asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma
  • In the United States alone a number of approximately 10000 asbestos deaths per year are registered, from an average between 2004 and 2007
  • Recent asbestos deaths are lower compared to the same period of last year
  • In Canada, asbestos deaths are very low, about 300 cases per year.
  • Most of the deceased families will receive up to 2 million dollars in compensation from a lawsuit against the employer of the deceased.

Avoid mesothelioma death

Asbestosis StopLung cancer will have a cure in the future, but until then, there are lots of treatment methods that will help the patients and families to lead a normal everyday life. Recent mesothelioma chemotherapy drugs have proved to be effective in offering a longer and normal life to patients. Alternative treatment methods can help relieve the symptoms associated with mesothelioma, and some of them even offer a possible cure, but that has not been tested or registered yet.

Mesothelioma treatment methods, alternative or conventional, have been known to prolong the life of the patient long enough so that he or she passed away from natural causes, even though cancer and tumors were still present. That is the best that doctors can do for the present. There have been cases that were cured by the help of mesothelioma alternative treatments, but they have not been tested and no specific records about these cases are available.

Would you like to know more about mesothelioma survival and further statistics? Feel free to contact asbestosis and mesothelioma centers, absolutely free.