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Asbestosis and Mesothelioma Clinical Trials


Clinical Trials

Asbestosis clinical trials are medical research involving volunteer participants, aimed at helping people live better lives. By being able to work with volunteers, doctors can better diagnose, prevent, and treat asbestosis. Several clinical trials are mandatory before determining the safety and efficiency of a new medication, procedure, or device.

Why should you take part in clinical trials?

  • Participating patients can access new drugs, surgical and radiologic procedures, devices, or preventive care.
  • Participation and access to new treatments can make an important difference for patients diagnosed with serious forms of asbestosis.

Recruiting clinical trials for asbestosis:


Clinical Trials

Mesothelioma clinical trials help researchers identify what treatments work best. In clinical trials, doctors establish how effective new drugs and therapies are. Being such a rare cancer, the treatment options for mesothelioma have been few. While new treatments are developed, patients are given access to these medications.

Why should you take part in clinical trials?

  • Trials offer access to treatments that are not approved yet by FDA such as gene therapy or immunotherapy.
  • Patients choose in what trial to take part.
  • In a clinical trial, patients have access to more specialized care and closer monitoring.

Recruiting clinical trials for mesothelioma: